Marc knows his stuff, is always accessible and a great guy to work with.
Marc has assisted SLS in scanning and processing E-discovery materials at various stages of litigation. He has a deep understanding of our firm’s needs and consistently provides high-quality, cost-effective service
Our firm uses PLS Data on nearly every case – the litigation advantage we have realized is incredible. Crucial client documents are found with ease on an as-needed basis. Even better, the proverbial smoking gun – or in many cases, guns – in the opposing side’s document productions are found quickly and efficiently. We are also quickly aware what documents were not produced. Marc was always available to provide whatever technical assistance was needed as we all learned how to navigate the software, and his pricing beat every competitor, every time.

We highly recommend Marc and the entire PLS team!

I introduced Marc to a client of mine who needed Marcs services for Data collection , deduplication and presentation to their law firm for some litigation they were involved in. My client reported back to me that Marc’s work came in under budget, early, exactly how they wanted it and that they were going to give him more work. Their law firm also asked Marc to provide his service to them also after they saw his finished work product.
To say that Marc is focused on doing a great job is understatement! His sole focus is to keep the customer happy – something all to often missing in today’s world. Likewise, his patience and ability to explain the concepts and benefits that his company provides puts the customer at ease, which allows Marc to do his thing. Drop Marc a line to see how he can save you stress and money while making you look good to your clients.
Any litigator who does not use Marc for his e-discovery is living in the stone-age. His e-service is high-tech and on the cutting edge of e-discovery. Use Mark so that your opposition doesn’t get to him first. Highly recommended. BCC
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